Custom Boxes vs. Readymade Boxes

Custom boxes are the boxes which are 100% customized as per the instructions of the buyer and which are not comparable to readymade boxes. When we use the word customization, it means that we are talking about top to bottom customization that we want to be made to these boxes. In this blog post, we are going to settle for once the big custom boxes vs. readymade boxes debate. Let us get involved and see what are the merits and demerits of both types of boxes.

It is essential to determine because while a lot of customers and companies resort to custom boxes for very obvious reasons, there are a lot of others that go to price-efficient and speedy choice of readymade boxes. If you also belong to the league of confused entrepreneurs who fail to decide between both, read this and you might be able to decide once and for all.

  1. Price

Whenever you think about packaging, the price comes up as one of the most important and inevitable considerations. Well, in terms of price, custom boxes are definitely not the victor. The price for customization of your product’s packaging is definitely high. As compared to this, when you go for readymade boxes, since the customizations are not involved or they are readily available, you do not have to pay as much as you do in case of custom boxes. Make no mistake, readymade packaging either offers no customization or if it does it will turn out to be cheap and already done customization. You cannot do anything new to the packaging.

  1. Time

Well, you must’ve heard, good things come to those who wait. Same is the case with custom boxes. They take time because you do not pay for and get a readily available lot, but you want some customizations to be done. The customizations, depending on their type and intensity, take more or less time. However, they are always worth the wait. To the contrary, readymade boxes are always available; you just pay the price and get them within a very short period.

That is, they do not take any time in terms of customization, hence the speedy delivery.

  1. Approach Appropriate to the Segment of Market Your Deal With

Let us make no mistake. Cake packaging is not good for electronics packaging. You got to keep in mind the segment of the market and the niche you are dealing with. Without doing this, you will end up getting the wrong type of packaging. Readymade packaging is good because it is speedy and cheap, but just like anything which is quick and cheap, it lacks quality, focus, and specialty.

If you are a professional, you should go for professional packaging, which is custom packaging. Identify your niche and get the packaging suitable to its demands.

  1. Custom Size & Shape

Saving money is not cheap, it is genius. While the ready-made packaging is always bigger than the size of the product, and shipping companies charge you extra for that (because they charge as per the size, not the weight), the customized packaging is always tailored to the size of the product. This is how you save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise paid to your shipping company.

And yes, apart from shipping charges, your packaging’s size and shape should always be tailored to the size and shape of your product.

  1. Branding and Marketing

Last but not the least, where readymade boxes actually lose the battle and custom boxes take the lead in the realm of branding and marketing. It is a well-known fact that ‘P’ of packaging has now become the fifth ‘P’ of marketing. Without proper marketing and branding of your product, you cannot launch it in the market, let alone think of competing with the competitors and winning the hearts and minds of target customers. Do not forget that customized packaging is one unbelievably amazing tool for branding and marketing of your products.

This is it. I bet that after reading these points, you are able to draw a picture in your mind and decide whether to go for custom boxes or readymade packaging.