Personalized Cupcake Boxes to Try at Home

Whether you are a cupcake seller or you make cupcakes at home just for fun, you always have to think about the cupcake boxes. Packaging makes a product fun as well as festive. However, finding personalized cupcake boxes is not a piece of cake.

Think about it! Whether you just run a home-based cupcake business or you just love to bake cupcakes and present them to friends, family and loved ones, you have to take care of the packaging.

Gift packaging makes the gesture of gift a more luxurious one. However, if you go about getting custom cupcake boxes from packaging companies Like, in most of the situations, it will prove to be a rip-off.

And if you are unlucky to find a cupcake box manufacturing company that makes awesome cupcakes and still charges a very justified price (see how hard it is to find one?), you have to make those boxes at home.


Due to the lack of expertise in making boxes and packing them, you will most probably ruin the special occasion and the packaging suitable to it.

Or perhaps not, you will not ruin anything if you will take the time, read this post and learn to make cupcake boxes with 100% accuracy.

Here you go:

  1. Material

Here is a list of everything that you need to make your custom designed cupcake boxes:

  • Piece(s) of cardstock (as per the size and numbers of boxes you intend to make)
  • Wrapping paper(s) (as per the size and numbers of boxes you intend to make)
  • Embellishments (as per the size and numbers of boxers you intend to make)
  • Paper sheets of different colors
  • Scissors, scale, glue and double-sided tape
  • Bone folder

  1. Making the Boxes

The easiest way of making cupcake boxes, or any boxes for that matter, is to get a template, download it and get it printed on the cardstock or paper sheet that you intend to use to make your cupcake boxes.

The templates can be found online and there is not a specific type that you have to follow. If you want your boxes to have a die cut window lid, get that sort of template, if you want it to have an open popcorn box shape, you will find the similar template with ease.

  • So the first step is to download the template that you like and print it or make it (with exact measurements and dashed patterns) on your cardstock sheet
  • The second step is to get the scissors and cut the template out of a cardstock sheet, this will give you your first cupcake box in a raw condition, all you have to do is to prune it a little bit, score the lines and glue it

  • Now, you see that there are a lot of dashed lines on your piece of paper; these lines show you where the creases are supposed to be made
  • Get your bone folder and score the paper along the dashed lines; make sure that you are neither doing it with excessive power not so softly
  • Once you have scored all the dashed lines, you will see that you have now the bends and creases that you need to turn this sheet into a box
  • Apply glue to the tab on right or left (depending on the kind of template you chose), bend it all over to the other side and paste it. This will leave you with a box without bottom and top
  • Use glue on the bottom flaps; the best way to do so is to apply glue to small flaps and let the big flaps glued to them
  • Now, if your top is a gable one or similar, use ribbon or the narrow vertical holes made to tuck the ends in perfectly
  • And you can see that expect some fine touches and decoration, your cupcake box is almost complete

  1. Decoration

In this part, we are going to see how many decorations of a customized cupcake box are possible and how to do them. Let us have a look:

  • You have paper sheets of many colors, get some cut pieces of them (heart shape or flower or star etc.) and paste them into the box
  • You can give the box a kind of funny look with using googly eyes. Make minion, angry birds or any familiar cartoon character with help of colored paper sheets and googly eyes, the recipient of this box will love it
  • You can try the embellishments approach; tie a ribbon all over the box, make a bow and paste or double-sided tape a greeting card or embellishments such as beads and motifs etc.
  • To turn it into a perfect cupcake gift box, apply some romantic, fun or funky wrapping paper to it. Use double sided tape for this purpose, apply the ribbon, use scissors or any strong metal object to brush with the ribbon and turn it into a floral art type of thing. The blow, flower, floral art or whatever tickles your fancy and brings out the creative genius!

Done! Once you have made the box and decorated it, follow the same pattern or make different box every time, but your customers will fall in love with your packaging just as much as they would love your cupcakes. Same goes for the friends and family. To give a more personalized look, feel free to use adhesive colored tape to paste the name of the person who ordered the cake or who is going to receive it as a gift.