How to start cake business at home?

Legally, starting baking at home does not permit government food authorities, and local governments to intrude in the baking affairs of the family house in which the product is being caked. If you bake at home with your family, relatives, and guests, you are free of any kind of tax or paid duty to government. However, if you bake these products out of the home, laws of manufacturing and business as well as of production are implemented on you.  When you bake for your fun and for yourself, you are not included in the premises of laws of taxation. But when you start a business for profiting, the laws implement on you.

Cake at home

Checking laws of the country

There are a number of countries in which home based business is not allowed by rules and regulations of the country. But there are countries where home-based business is encouraged by governments by giving them special types of privileges in order to boost up their economic activities in multiple ways. So, you need to check out before starting the business of cake making at home that whether rules of the country allow you to take initiate the business or not.

Law about home base business

Maintenance of your kitchen

If laws of the country allow, you need to take precautionary measures In order to make maintenance of your kitchen as per the demand of marketing point of view. Customers desire quality in each and everything that is being manufactured for them. They may compromise on the price of the product or packaging but cannot compromise on the demand and requirement in the perspective of quality. So, the kitchen is the primary thing in starting your business at home. The kitchen must be neat and clean. Cleanness is the basic thing that is not to be compromised at all by customers as well as by manufacturers.  Most advanced usage of machines and technologies are to be installed in the kitchen in order to bake the product.

Maintain your kitchen

The main important thing is to keep in mind that you are in competition with those manufacturers of the same product that have well organized set up to bake the cake with highly advanced technologies. Thus, there will be the dire need for you to make up the set-up of your kitchen according to the marketing trends of manufacturing by preserving quality in order to take the confidence of customers.

Things Needed

  • Business license
  • Contractor
  • Baking supplies
  • Baking ingredients
  • Menu
  • Graphic designer
  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Brochure

Packaging Blue; a symbol of variety

Packaging is the most important thing in this regard. If you provide best packaging option to customers, they will prefer to give you orders of the products with packaging.

This is the basic thing to start up and get success in the business. The Packaging Blue is the most reliable company that offers variety in the packaging of the food industry. Stylish and decorative boxes are the major and leading aspects which help in boosting up your business in multiple ways. Thus, Customized cake boxes on wholesale are manufactured.

Custom Boxes vs. Readymade Boxes

Custom boxes are the boxes which are 100% customized as per the instructions of the buyer and which are not comparable to readymade boxes. When we use the word customization, it means that we are talking about top to bottom customization that we want to be made to these boxes. In this blog post, we are going to settle for once the big custom boxes vs. readymade boxes debate. Let us get involved and see what are the merits and demerits of both types of boxes.

It is essential to determine because while a lot of customers and companies resort to custom boxes for very obvious reasons, there are a lot of others that go to price-efficient and speedy choice of readymade boxes. If you also belong to the league of confused entrepreneurs who fail to decide between both, read this and you might be able to decide once and for all.

  1. Price

Whenever you think about packaging, the price comes up as one of the most important and inevitable considerations. Well, in terms of price, custom boxes are definitely not the victor. The price for customization of your product’s packaging is definitely high. As compared to this, when you go for readymade boxes, since the customizations are not involved or they are readily available, you do not have to pay as much as you do in case of custom boxes. Make no mistake, readymade packaging either offers no customization or if it does it will turn out to be cheap and already done customization. You cannot do anything new to the packaging.

  1. Time

Well, you must’ve heard, good things come to those who wait. Same is the case with custom boxes. They take time because you do not pay for and get a readily available lot, but you want some customizations to be done. The customizations, depending on their type and intensity, take more or less time. However, they are always worth the wait. To the contrary, readymade boxes are always available; you just pay the price and get them within a very short period.

That is, they do not take any time in terms of customization, hence the speedy delivery.

  1. Approach Appropriate to the Segment of Market Your Deal With

Let us make no mistake. Cake packaging is not good for electronics packaging. You got to keep in mind the segment of the market and the niche you are dealing with. Without doing this, you will end up getting the wrong type of packaging. Readymade packaging is good because it is speedy and cheap, but just like anything which is quick and cheap, it lacks quality, focus, and specialty.

If you are a professional, you should go for professional packaging, which is custom packaging. Identify your niche and get the packaging suitable to its demands.

  1. Custom Size & Shape

Saving money is not cheap, it is genius. While the ready-made packaging is always bigger than the size of the product, and shipping companies charge you extra for that (because they charge as per the size, not the weight), the customized packaging is always tailored to the size of the product. This is how you save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise paid to your shipping company.

And yes, apart from shipping charges, your packaging’s size and shape should always be tailored to the size and shape of your product.

  1. Branding and Marketing

Last but not the least, where readymade boxes actually lose the battle and custom boxes take the lead in the realm of branding and marketing. It is a well-known fact that ‘P’ of packaging has now become the fifth ‘P’ of marketing. Without proper marketing and branding of your product, you cannot launch it in the market, let alone think of competing with the competitors and winning the hearts and minds of target customers. Do not forget that customized packaging is one unbelievably amazing tool for branding and marketing of your products.

This is it. I bet that after reading these points, you are able to draw a picture in your mind and decide whether to go for custom boxes or readymade packaging.

How Attractive Mascara Packaging Does Wonders for Your Business?

Mascara is one of the top ten makeup items and this standing alone marks the importance of this product. If mascara is such an important product, then custom mascara boxes must be even more important because, at the end of the day, it is not the product that sells, but the packaging that sells a product. You can go to the closest mall and witness this yourself; all the product on the display are either packed poorly or they are selling.

This means that a product packaged in artistically designed custom boxes would have bigger chances of getting sold as compared to a product which is high quality but packed in a substandard packaging.

In this post, you will see how attractive and well perceived customized mascara boxes can attract your target customers like a magnet and give you more sales than your usual, traditional and thoughtless mascara packaging. Let us have a look:

  1. User-friendly Appearance

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the cosmetics companies make is gearing all their efforts towards making the packaging attractive while giving zilch attention to the appearance of the packaging.

Packaging sense is something that most of the mascara companies miss. Here is how a buy feels when she looks at a beautifully wrapped mascara box with no information about ingredients, no instructions, and no necessary details.

I randomly selected 10 mascara users and they hated the beauty products which do not educate their target customers. A customer must feel easy while looking at your product, and all the important information such as company name, product line name, ingredients, and instructions etc. must be in conspicuous places.

  1. Aesthetic Sense

Would you like a customized mascara box with shouting graffiti or dull and half-heartedly made watercolor strokes? Absolutely not! You need something which is aesthetically rich and beautiful. You need something to satisfy your inner-self that longs for beauty and style.

So make sure that your personalized mascara boxes are aesthetically rich. Lest you ignore, your target audience is women who are hell-bent on beauty, looks, and appearance. Heck, there is no way they will buy a product that promises cosmetic beauty but which is packed in an ugly and unimpressive box.

So make sure to make your mascara boxes as beautiful and stunning as you can.

  1. Brand Appeal

Brand appeal is like sex appeal; one cannot ignore it. How unlucky it is for a few brands to totally ignore this aspect and pack their marvelous products in custom boxes which are good to preserve, ship or display items, but not at all good at grabbing the target customers.

Make sure that your custom mascara boxes are not stripped of brand appeal. It is the bran appeal that helps a customer differentiate PepsiCo bottle from the Coca-Cola bottle. Add some brand message, some brand identity and some brand appeal to your custom boxes, and see how your potential customers identify you among hundreds of other brands and make it to your packaging to see what’s inside.

  1. Make Your Product Shout Out Loud About Itself

A product does not sell unless someone shouts out loud about it and wrench their guts to sell that product. No one can do this better than a product itself. Pack your product in a way that it will start talking about its merits. If your mascara product is only a little bit different from other mascaras, it should claim it loudly so as to make the target customers hear it loud and clear.


  1. Quality Shows the Quality

If your mascara packaging is cheap, it is easier to assume that the product inside is also cheap. This is common sense. Majority of the women in a mall do not have much time to open the pack and check the product. They have a look at the product and if the packaging seems to be bored, dull and bland, they establish the same opinion about the product. It is not rocket science, but common sense. Get some UV coating or aqueous coating customized packaging to stun the eyes of the beholder and hypnotize them to check your product, if not buy it.

So, here are 5 simple and easy ways how attractive and personalized mascara packaging sells mascara liners better tha1n unimpressive and unimaginative premade packaging.

How Paper Boxes Once Saved Summer?

It was a bright warm day with summer just around the corner, friends and I planned to do something productive with the time we had off. Our plan was simple, open up a stall right outside the main mall of our small town; the idea was to provide snacks and lemonade in order to make some money so we could plan a trip across the country.

We had been discussing this entrepreneur opportunity for quite some time now, but finals and assignments had us on our tippy toes. Now that we had finally gathered enough ideas, initial investment and created a master plan we were ready to execute. It was decided to divide the shifts into groups of two’s, one preparing snacks and equally dividing them for consumers and the other would be busy providing refreshments. We had convinced the department store that we would help promote their goods in exchange for us to put up a stall right at the main entrance of the mall and in front of their store. Most of the goods and supplies were bought directly from the store this enabled us to quickly restock, resupply and promote anything we had from the department store in case a customer asked.

We had paper plates to offer snacks and plastic cups for the refreshments, a blender to make the lemonade and just enough utensils in order to rationalize the snacks in order to ensure we create the perfect amount of profit for our trip.

In our minds, we were ready to take summer by a storm, but to our surprise the day we had finally put up the stall and set up, we had been beaten to it. We were going to a bunch of college girls raising funds across the street for college, by providing car wash services, of course. They were loud, wet and really beautiful, I mean eye-catching to a point that they distracted everyone entering or leaving the mall while our eyes were also glued.

We had been running the stall for about 3 days now and had made zero to none sales, with our motivation drowning by the minute. We were slowly but surely losing this battle, even though we tried putting in some serious hours. That also did not end up helping us as the crowd across the street just kept increasing. By the end of the week, we were in a scuffle amongst each other as now hardly anyone of us was inclined to stand at the stall the way we were slowly progressing.

On the other hand, we were reluctant to just give up so after brainstorming ideas over the weekend, we ordered some Chinese take-out and it just clicked that we had been doing it all wrong, rather than just basically handing our customer’s paper cups and plates we needed to go a little above and beyond. Branding was key to any successful business especially when it came to food, so we went out researching for ideas on how to improve our packaging in a way we do not just provide goods but also a source of marketing.

After tracking down the company which provided these sleek looking take-out boxes for the Chinese food place we had placed an order for 500 paper boxes at a wholesale price. The company did charge us a fair share but I was determined it would get us out of this slump and back on our feet highly motivated and ready for another week of selling.

The following week we saw an increase in sales, may it be nature or just sheer luck as it rained 3 out of the 5 days of that week, allowing the Car wash across the street plummet down to no business, they constantly came to us for their refreshments and snacks. Who wouldn’t get a little hungry washing car and dancing for 6 straight hours? Or just waiting in the rain hoping they could get back on track washing cars. Our new paper boxes allowed the consumers to not only enjoy a bundle of snacks and refreshments but also keep it for later if they decided to continue their day of shopping activities or keep it for later. The company had provided packages which would also be great for storage boxes, resulting in less dumping of waste. The personal touch which the company gave to our packages really did numbers for our business.

we saw a definite increase of about 20% within just the first week of the new boxes introduced. We came up with a name, a logo and even a slogan which we imprinted onto the boxes and also on our stall. We also added a special touch to the boxes by giving it a place just perfect to fit in the refreshment consumers would purchase, this way they could hold the entire snack box with their drink with ease.

It was not long since then that we reached our target within a mere 3 weeks of our new packaging which allowed us to promote ourselves within the entire town, once we had reached our goal we slowed down. Afterwards, when we took our stall down we were approached by many of the merchants within the mall in order to continue working but because we had no interest we rejected most offers. We were also approached by one of the college girls for a great business plan that she had introduced us to, she explained we would not need a stall as with merging our business modules they could provide car washes to consumers and we could just hand out paper gift boxes which would entice the consumer with snacks while they waited.

I loved the idea but had to sit down and discuss this with the rest of the crew. Once we agreed on the entire plan, we worked through the entire summer totally forgetting that we even once had a trip planned which got us started on our venture.

Personalized Cupcake Boxes to Try at Home

Whether you are a cupcake seller or you make cupcakes at home just for fun, you always have to think about the cupcake boxes. Packaging makes a product fun as well as festive. However, finding personalized cupcake boxes is not a piece of cake.

Think about it! Whether you just run a home-based cupcake business or you just love to bake cupcakes and present them to friends, family and loved ones, you have to take care of the packaging.

Gift packaging makes the gesture of gift a more luxurious one. However, if you go about getting custom cupcake boxes from packaging companies Like, in most of the situations, it will prove to be a rip-off.

And if you are unlucky to find a cupcake box manufacturing company that makes awesome cupcakes and still charges a very justified price (see how hard it is to find one?), you have to make those boxes at home.


Due to the lack of expertise in making boxes and packing them, you will most probably ruin the special occasion and the packaging suitable to it.

Or perhaps not, you will not ruin anything if you will take the time, read this post and learn to make cupcake boxes with 100% accuracy.

Here you go:

  1. Material

Here is a list of everything that you need to make your custom designed cupcake boxes:

  • Piece(s) of cardstock (as per the size and numbers of boxes you intend to make)
  • Wrapping paper(s) (as per the size and numbers of boxes you intend to make)
  • Embellishments (as per the size and numbers of boxers you intend to make)
  • Paper sheets of different colors
  • Scissors, scale, glue and double-sided tape
  • Bone folder

  1. Making the Boxes

The easiest way of making cupcake boxes, or any boxes for that matter, is to get a template, download it and get it printed on the cardstock or paper sheet that you intend to use to make your cupcake boxes.

The templates can be found online and there is not a specific type that you have to follow. If you want your boxes to have a die cut window lid, get that sort of template, if you want it to have an open popcorn box shape, you will find the similar template with ease.

  • So the first step is to download the template that you like and print it or make it (with exact measurements and dashed patterns) on your cardstock sheet
  • The second step is to get the scissors and cut the template out of a cardstock sheet, this will give you your first cupcake box in a raw condition, all you have to do is to prune it a little bit, score the lines and glue it

  • Now, you see that there are a lot of dashed lines on your piece of paper; these lines show you where the creases are supposed to be made
  • Get your bone folder and score the paper along the dashed lines; make sure that you are neither doing it with excessive power not so softly
  • Once you have scored all the dashed lines, you will see that you have now the bends and creases that you need to turn this sheet into a box
  • Apply glue to the tab on right or left (depending on the kind of template you chose), bend it all over to the other side and paste it. This will leave you with a box without bottom and top
  • Use glue on the bottom flaps; the best way to do so is to apply glue to small flaps and let the big flaps glued to them
  • Now, if your top is a gable one or similar, use ribbon or the narrow vertical holes made to tuck the ends in perfectly
  • And you can see that expect some fine touches and decoration, your cupcake box is almost complete

  1. Decoration

In this part, we are going to see how many decorations of a customized cupcake box are possible and how to do them. Let us have a look:

  • You have paper sheets of many colors, get some cut pieces of them (heart shape or flower or star etc.) and paste them into the box
  • You can give the box a kind of funny look with using googly eyes. Make minion, angry birds or any familiar cartoon character with help of colored paper sheets and googly eyes, the recipient of this box will love it
  • You can try the embellishments approach; tie a ribbon all over the box, make a bow and paste or double-sided tape a greeting card or embellishments such as beads and motifs etc.
  • To turn it into a perfect cupcake gift box, apply some romantic, fun or funky wrapping paper to it. Use double sided tape for this purpose, apply the ribbon, use scissors or any strong metal object to brush with the ribbon and turn it into a floral art type of thing. The blow, flower, floral art or whatever tickles your fancy and brings out the creative genius!

Done! Once you have made the box and decorated it, follow the same pattern or make different box every time, but your customers will fall in love with your packaging just as much as they would love your cupcakes. Same goes for the friends and family. To give a more personalized look, feel free to use adhesive colored tape to paste the name of the person who ordered the cake or who is going to receive it as a gift.